01 Aug 2017

A Big July: Speaker Visits, Babies, New Team Members & Scavenger Hunts

July at BigSpeak has been a busy and exciting month. From speaker visits to new hires to off-sights and scavenger hunts, there was a lot going on at BigSpeak!

From skyscrapers to mountain tops

Professional endurance athlete and two-time mountaineering world record holder Colin O’Brady paid BigSpeak a visit this month. Colin’s story of perseverance, grit, and pursuing your passion inspired us all.

A recent Yale graduate who was about to begin his career on Wall Street as a finance trader, Colin suffered a tragic burn injury while traveling in Thailand. Doctor’s told Colin that he may never walk again. Beating the odds, he went on to compete professionally in triathlons, and completed the Explorer’s Grand Slam–which entails climbing all seven of the world’s tallest mountains, including Everest, and skiing the last degree of latitude to the North and South Poles–in record time.  

Learn more about Colin and his remarkable story here.  

Most Winning Booking: Golden State Warriors owner Peter Guber spoke at an Innovation Summit in Laguna Beach the morning after the Warriors epic NBA Championship win 

BigSpeak also benefits from our amazing speakers

Longtime friend of BigSpeak Jason Womack lead a productivity jam session with the team this month. Jason provided us with work hacks to optimize productivity and energy throughout the day. His workshops and keynotes focus on maximizing performance and build sustainable workflow habits.

The team with Jason and Jodi Womack

BigSpeak gets even bigger

This month we welcomed four new hires to the team–a record number of hires for BigSpeak in a single month! Meet the new BigSpeakers:

Most Open Booking: Culture and customer service expert Robert Richman gave his Open Space workshop at Procore; booked by Ken Sterling

Welcome Felicity Cordero to the world and Barrett back to the office!

BigSpeak President Barrett Cordero his wife Catherine welcomed their first child Felicity Cordero into the world on July 8th. And after a couple of weeks of paternity leave, Barrett has returned to the office.

Most Extreme Booking: World champion adventure racer and fire fighter Robyn Benincasa spoke at Extreme Works in Las Vegas; booked by Lisa Gerlach

Off Site-ing 

Each quarter, BigSpeak makes it a priority for the whole team to get together to discuss our business. 

This quarter the team was divided up into four groups to brainstorm new ways of connecting internally, with our clients, with speakers, and with other bureaus–and the presentations were pretty creative!

Group 1 made a Powerpoint detailing ways that the team can connect better internally, which included ideas like office lunches and “team member of the month” awards.

Group 1: Kyle M, Rebecca, Tasha, Craig, Matt

Group 2 put together a hilarious skit about how not to connect with clients.

(L-R) Robert, Leslie, Amy E, Mikaela

Group 3 brainstormed ways that we could connect better with speakers from all departments

(L-R) Kyle C, Whitney, Sheryl, Aggie

Group 4 focused on connecting with bureau partners and made a beautiful rainbow visual board to represent connectivity and harmony towards a common goal.

Some serious fun

Following the off-site meeting, the team participated in a scavenger hunt along the Santa Barbara waterfront where they had to “Take a picture with a  lifeguard” and “Find someone named Barbara,” among other things. 

The Winning Team! (L-R) Amber, Robert, Craig, Rebecca. “Take a picture with a rainbow”

And, of course, the day concluded with happy hour

(L-R) Leslie, Sheryl, Amy E, Kyle C